24 Electrifying Performances: Highlights from Day 6’s Afternoon Session


In the Women’s 50kg division, ALUA BALKIBEKOVA of Kazakhstan delivered a flawless performance in her bout against CLAUDIA TOTOVA from the Czech Republic. With precision and skill, BALKIBEKOVA earned five 10/9 scores from all judges in each of the three rounds, showcasing her dominance in the ring. Similarly, MAXI CARINA KLOETZER from Germany secured a comfortable 5:0 victory over RITA SOARES of Puerto Rico with an impressive display of technique and control.

Meanwhile, YI-XUAN GUO from Chinese Taipei demonstrated his prowess in the ring by securing a commanding 5-0 victory against Ghana’s JANET ACQUAH. GUO’s exceptional performance earned her a full scorecard, with all judges awarding her every round, underscoring her dominance in the match.

In a thrilling round-of-32 matchup, Ireland’s DAINA MOOREHOUSE clashed with Venezuela’s TAYONIS CEDENO, captivating spectators with their skill and determination. MOOREHOUSE seized the first round with a 4-1 score, but CEDENO fought back fiercely, targeting MOOREHOUSE’s face. Despite CEDENO’s efforts, MOOREHOUSE displayed resilience and composure, ultimately clinching a hard-fought 3:2 split decision victory.

Turning to the Men’s 57kg class, Namibia’s Tryagain NDEVELO delivered an impressive performance against Tokyo 2020 Olympian JEAN CARLOS CAICEDO PACHITO from Ecuador. NDEVELO showcased strength and precision throughout the match, striking his opponent decisively. With all five judges unanimously awarding him every round, NDEVELO secured a dominant victory.

In the same weight category, Kazakhstan’s SABYRKHAN MAKHMUD emerged victorious in another intense battle, securing a 3:2 split decision win against Thailand’s SARAWUT SUKTHET. Despite SUKTHET’s strong performance in the first round, MAKHMUD’s resilience and strategic adjustments in the subsequent rounds earned him the judges’ favor.

In the Men’s 80kg event, the crowd at the E-Work Arena witnessed an outstanding performance by Japan’s GO WAKAYA against JUAN ORTIZ of Colombia. WAKAYA dominated the first round, securing a 5:0 lead. However, ORTIZ adapted his strategy in the following rounds, ultimately clinching a 3-1 split decision victory to advance to the round-of-16.

In a remarkable display of skill and determination, the 19-year-old YOJERLIN CESA, the youngest of Team France, showcased exceptional boxing techniques against PETAR MARCIC from Montenegro. CESA’s strong moves and precise execution left his opponent with no chance, earning him a resounding 5:0 unanimous decision victory and leaving spectators in awe of his talent.

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