How to become an Athlete Ambassador

Your voice as an athlete is central to your sport and to the Olympic Movement. With your help, the Olympic Boxing Task Force (BTF) would like to use the opportunity of the Boxing Road to Tokyo to promote athlete representation and the athlete voice within boxing.

The BTF is therefore pleased to announce the creation of an Athlete Ambassadors group to engage with and represent boxers in the build-up to the Games. This group will provide athlete input and feedback to the Boxing Task Force to promote the athlete voice and representation in boxing for Tokyo 2020.

Athlete Ambassadors will engage with the athletes face-to-face at competition sites and forums, as well as through digital channels including Athlete365, on issues that are most prevalent within the boxing community.

The primary roles of the Athlete Ambassadors will be to:

  1. Represent the athlete voice in Boxing Task Force planning
  2. Engage with boxers directly and through digital and social media
  3. Promote the sustainable athlete voice and representation in boxing

The Athlete Ambassadors will be boxers – one man and one woman from each of the five regions, providing gender equality and global representation. No more than one athlete from each country will be appointed to the group. The 10 will be selected from among nominations received from National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and National Federations (NFs) by 30 September 2019 with the final selection being chosen and publicly confirmed by 30 October 2019.

Nomination process

Nominations for Athlete Ambassadors are currently open and will close on 30 September 2019. Your NOC can make a nomination on your behalf through the downloadable nomination form.

To be a candidate, you must be jointly nominated by your NOC, your NOC Athletes’ Commission (AC) representative and your NF. Please note that the NOC, NOC AC and NF may only propose a maximum of one male and/or one female candidate.

The BTF will select the 10 Athlete Ambassadors by 30 October 2019 from among the group of nominated candidates, based on the outlined criteria. All nominated athletes will be subject to a full background check by the IOC Ethics and Compliance office.

To nominate a candidate, both the Endorsement form and the online nomination form must be completed. Should you have any questions in connection with this, visit our FAQ page or contact us at

Criteria for nomination

The criteria for nominating a candidate is as follows:

  1.  Be nominated jointly by their NOC, NOC AC and NF;
  2.  Have competed at international competitions in the past four years (i.e. between 2015 and 2019);
  3. Be born no later than 31 December 2001 (i.e. be at least 18 years of age on 1 January 2020);
  4. Be either an amateur or professional boxer;
  5. Not have incurred any measure or sanction in relation to any violation of the Olympic Charter, the IOC Code of Ethics, the World Anti-Doping Code or other applicable regulations issued by the IOC, an IF or NF, or an NOC; 
  6. Be able to communicate effectively in English; and
  7. Have the character and personality to be a credible and engaging figure with fellow boxers.

To nominate an athlete


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