Dakar’s Day 2: Afternoon Session Shapes Women’s 50kg and Men’s 63.5kg Brackets


The Boxing Road to Paris Africa Qualification Tournament continued today in Dakar, Senegal, with 43 bouts scheduled for Day 2. During the afternoon session, athletes competed in the women’s 50kg and 54kg categories, as well as in the men’s 63.5kg weight class.

In the Women’s 50kg category, today’s matches determined the quarterfinalists for this weight category, which are set to compete during the evening session on September 13th.

Oyesiji Adeola Omowunmi (NGR) displayed remarkable skills and secured a unanimous decision victory over Yusufu Zulfa Macho (TAN) in the first women’s 50kg bout of the day. Her next challenge will be Margret Tembo (ZAM), who swiftly defeated Dieynaba Diallo (SEN) as the referee stopped the contest early in round 1, favoring the Zambian athlete.

Aly Habiba Ibrahim Abdo Elshe (EGY) advanced via a walkover, and her next challenge will be Boualam Roumaysa (ALG). Roumaysa made a strong impression today by overpowering Namibia’s Ngesheya Ndapandula Peyehafo, leading to two standing counts and an early stoppage by the referee in round 1.

Yasmine Mouttaki of Morocco delivered a dominant performance, securing a 5-0 win on points against Republic of South Africa’s Mathiba Thandolwethu Truelove. She has earned her spot in the quarterfinals, where she will face Hafsi Wafa from Tunisia, who also advanced with an unanimous decision win over Kenya’s Christine Ongare.

Benedicte Diyoka from the Democratic Republic of Congo moved forward in the brackets as she defeated Ghana’s Janet Acquah. The referee stopped the contest during round 2 as Diyoka showcased her power. She is now set to face Cameron’s Laure Ngoune Reine in what promises to be an exciting matchup.

Moving on to the Women’s 54kg category, Nigeria’s Adeshina Zainab Motunrayo exhibited control throughout her bout, securing a unanimous decision victory against Burundi’s Havyarimana Ornell. Motunrayo effectively landed clean, powerful punches throughout the three rounds, leading to several standing counts for her opponent and securing the victory.

Sierra Leone’s Sara Haghighat-Joo also advanced in the tournament by beating Kenya’s Faki Amina Martha with a dominant 5-0 victory. Additionally, Gisele Nyembo Muamba from the Democratic Republic of Congo secured a spot in the next round by overpowering Ghana’s Quaye Ramatu. The contest was stopped at the beginning of round 2 due to Muamba’s impressive performance. Bayew Agerie Emagnu from Ethiopia also secured a convincing 5-0 win against Ngandwe Hildah from Zambia.

In the Men’s 63.5kg division, thirteen bouts took place during the afternoon session, shaping the round of 16 for this event. Tunisia’s Mehdi Dridi clinched a 4-1 split decision win against eSwatini’s Dlamini Thabiso, earning a spot in the next round. He is set to meet Jorgito Ca of Guinea Bissau (bye).

In the same category, Joshua Tukamuhebwa (UGA), Ndjinga Clinton Farlo (GAB), Colin Louis Richarno (MRI), Mikael Taha Don Yves (CIV), Sylla Alseny (GUI), Nadir Abdelhaq Mar (MAR), Joseph Commey (GHA), Seitshiro Kabo Collen (BOT), Ait Bekka Jugurtha (ALG), John Paul Masamba (RSA), Khebe Monaheng (LES) and Admilson Kévin Moreira De Carvalho (CPV) all made it through their respective bouts today, advancing to the next phase of the tournament, where they will meet also Egypt’s Omar Abdelaziz Abdelaziz Elsayed (bye) and Brice Romaric Bassole of Burkina Faso (bye).

The tournament, featuring 235 athletes from 42 nations, is taking place at the Dakar Arena in Dakar, Senegal. The event, scheduled from September 9th to September 15th (with a day-off on September 12th), aims to qualify 18 athletes for the next Olympic Games Paris 2024, with 11 spots available for women and 7 for men.

The competition will resume later today with the evening session starting at 17:00 (Dakar time), featuring 18 more bouts in the Women’s 54kg, Men’s 71kg, and 80kg weight categories.

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