Boxing Quota and Qualification Events

Despite the removal of IOC recognition for AIBA, the Olympic Boxing Task Force plans to maintain the original proposal from the federation for the tournament at Tokyo 2020.

There will be eight (8) weight categories for men and five (5) for women at the Games, giving a total of thirteen (13) categories. Additionally, there is no change in the weight categories and so they remain as follows:

Men’s Event

  • Fly (48kg to 52kg)
  • Feather (52kg to 57kg)
  • Light (57kg to 63kg)
  • Welter (63kg to 69kg)
  • Middle (69kg to 75kg)
  • Light Heavy (75kg to 81kg)
  • Heavy (81kg to 91kg)
  • Super Heavy (+91kg)

Women’s Event

  • Fly (48kg to 51kg)
  • Feather (52kg to 57kg)
  • Light (58kg to 60kg)
  • Welter (61kg to 69kg)
  • Middle (70kg to 75kg)

There will be 186 spots available for the men’s event across the eight weight categories and 100 places for women across their five categories, giving a total of 286 boxers at Tokyo 2020.

The number of positions available for athletes from each continent is based on participation and results at the past two Olympic Games and two World Championships of the region.

Qualification events

There will be five qualification events in total organised by the Olympic Boxing Task Force, held between January and May 2020. Four of these will be Continental Qualifying Events and will be at the following locations:

The fifth event is the final World Qualifying Event, giving the athletes who missed out in their continental event a second chance to reach Tokyo 2020. This event will be held in Paris, France following the continental events.

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