Meet your Boxing Ambassadors

The athletes’ voice is central to the Olympic Movement. The Olympic Boxing Task Force (BTF) is therefore pleased to announce the creation of the Athlete Ambassadors Group to engage with and represent boxers, and promote the athletes’ voice within boxing.

The Athlete Ambassadors will promote the athletes’ voice by engaging with the athletes face-to-face at competition sites as well as through digital channels on issues that are most prevalent within the boxing community. They will also provide input and feedback to the BTF in the build-up to the Games.

The primary roles of the Athlete Ambassadors are to:

  1. Represent the athlete voice in Boxing Task Force planning
  2. Engage with boxers directly and through digital and social media
  3. Promote a sustained athletes’ voice and representation in boxing

The Athlete Ambassadors Group is composed of boxers – one man and one woman – from each of the five regions, providing gender balance and global representation.

Here are your Athlete Ambassadors:


LAWAL, Lukmon (Nigeria)
MARDI, Khadija (Morocco)


LA CRUZ PERAZA, Julio Cesar (Cuba)
MAYER, Mikaela (USA)


HU, Jianguan (China)
KOM, Mary (India)


LOMACHENKO, Vasyl (Ukraine)
OURAHMOUNE, Sarah (France)


NYIKA, David (New Zealand)
WATTS, Shelley (Australia)

For further information about the ten ambassadors head to the Olympic Boxing Athlete Ambassadors on Athlete365.

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