European Games day-1 continues with 18 more preliminary bouts


The second session of Day 1 at the Boxing Tournament of the III European Games in Krakow, held at the Nowy Targ Arena, provided fans with another round of great bouts. Athletes in the Women’s 60kg and the Men’s 57kg, 63.5kg, and 71kg categories took to the ring, determined to advance in the brackets.

In the Women’s 60kg category, Hanna Okhrei from Ukraine showcased her skills and earned a unanimous decision victory against Tara Bohatjuk from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Gizem Ozer from Turkey left no room for doubt as she secured a flawless victory of 5:0 on points against Cristina Chiper from Moldova. Sara Beram from Croatia progressed in the brackets with a decisive unanimous decision win over Germany’s Lena Marie Buechner. Italy’s Alessia Mesiano displayed her dominance in the ring, securing a full scorecard unanimous decision victory against Loredana Andree Marin from Romania.

The Men’s 57kg division witnessed impressive performances as well. Jack James Dryden representing Great Britain impressed the judges, earning a sharp score of 5:0 against Riad Labidi from France. Jose Quiles Brotons from Spain showcased his skills and secured a convincing 5:0 victory over Andrei Valentin Gavae from Romania. Batuhan Ciftci from Turkey advanced in the brackets with an unanimous decision win against Kirill Serikov from Estonia. Competing on home turf, Jaroslaw Iwanow from Poland thrilled his supporters cheering him loud at the Nowy Targ Arena with a split decision victory of 4:1 point against Michele Baldassi from Italy.

In the Men’s 63.5kg event, the bouts were filled with intensity. Reese Lynch, the 2022 Commonwealth Games champion representing Great Britain, displayed his dominance as he outperformed Marcis Grundulis from Latvia, securing a sharp score of 5:0 after dominating all three rounds. Radoslav Simeon Rosenov from Bulgaria emerged victorious with a split decision of 4:0 in his match against Wael Mejri from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Viliam Tanko from Slovakia clinched the victory in his match against Semjon Kamanin from Estonia with a score of 4:1. Alexandru Paraschiv from Moldova outscored Norway’s Sayed Kazemi with 5 points, securing a well-deserved victory. Aleksej Vitorov Sendrik from Serbia dominated the bout with a full scorecard and forced his opponent, Abdallah Nazih Abou-Arab from Denmark, into a standing countdown twice, securing a unanimous decision victory. Narek Hovhannisyan from Armenia secured a close split decision victory of 3:2 against Ahmad Shtiwi from Israel. Lasha Guruli from Georgia also secured a split decision victory of 3:2 over Adrian Thiam Creus from Spain. Richard Kovacs from Hungary showcased his skills and earned a convincing 5:0 victory against Andriejus Lavrenovas from Lithuania.

In the Men’s 71kg category, Eskerkhan Madiev from Georgia displayed his prowess in the ring, earning a 4:0 victory against Youba Sissokho Ndiaye from Spain. Aleksandr Trofimcuk from Lithuania showcased his dominance with a flawless 5:0 victory over Soma Mester from Hungary. Miroslav Kapuler-Ishchenko from Israel impressed the judges, securing a clear unanimous decision victory of 5:0 against Milos Bartl from the Czech Republic. The last bout of the day in the Men’s 71kg category saw Martin Skogheim from Norway emerge triumphant with a unanimous decision victory and a full scorecard against Rafail Pafios from Cyprus.

The Boxing Tournament of the III European Games, which serves as a qualification event for the European continent on the Road to Paris, will continue on June 24. With over 300 athletes from 42 countries and the Refugees Olympic Team competing until July 2, the stakes are high as they vie for the European Games titles and the 44 qualification slots to Paris awarded in each category.

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