What are the technical and competition rules to be used in the qualification events and in the Olympic Games?
The IOC Boxing Task Force has complemented existing AIBA regulations with specific amendments to deliver its commitment to transparency while limiting changes which impact on boxers. Please check the Qualification System Page for the up-to-date Event Regulations.
Who will be the referees and judges at the qualification events?
Only AIBA certified referees and judges will take part in the Olympic Qualifying Events and in the Olympic Games. However, the selection process for the referees and judges will be different, enhanced by the evaluation of individuals and a thorough education programme.
Will AIBA certification be considered for coaches’ registrations?
All registrations, including athletes and any team delegation members, are the responsibility of the National Boxing Federations (NFs), together with their respective National Olympic Committees (NOCs). It is the NFs responsibility to attest for each registration, ensuring that each person is qualified to be in that position. We will not check for AIBA coaches’ certification.
Will professional boxers be allowed to take part in the Olympic Games?
No distinction will be made between athletes of any code of boxing, in accordance with the current AIBA rules. However, all boxers must comply with the WADA anti-doping code, as well as the age limits in accordance with AIBA eligibility rules.
Is AIBA still the International Federation of the sport?
Yes. AIBA has had its Olympic status suspended, but it remains the governing body of boxing. However, AIBA does not have any direct influence on the organisation, supervision or any level of decision-making in the Olympic boxing qualification events and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
What is the Boxing Task Force responsible for?
Besides organising the boxing Olympic qualification events, the Boxing Task Force is studying every possibility to ensure that the pathway to the Olympic Games is clean and fair. The goal is for the correct boxers to win the medals they deserve at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
What is an Athlete Ambassador?
The Athlete Ambassadors are a group of boxers, representing all continents with the objective of engaging with and representing boxers. This group will provide valuable athlete input and feedback to the Boxing Task Force, and promote the athlete voice and representation in boxing.
What is the quota distribution per qualification event?
The number of Olympic quotas was officially announced in June 2019, together with the Boxing Qualification System. The number of quotas per event (weight class) and per qualifying tournament can be found in this document. Information on tripartite quotas and host country quotas can also be found there (please see Qualification System section).
Who will be the equipment supplier for the Olympic Games Tokyo2020?
The Boxing Task Force has appointed Taishan as the sole supplier for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. They will be supplying training and competition rings, the gloves and head guards to be used in competition, and several other training and competition-related sport equipment.

If you have any more questions, please send us an email at info@olympicboxing.sport

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