Qualification System, Athletes Eligibility and Sports Entries

Qualification System

The IOC has released the Qualification System reflecting the IOC EB and Session decision regarding the suspension of AIBA.


Athletes Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, all athletes must meet the criteria listed in the Qualification System, including: 

  1. To have participated in at least one of the Boxing Qualifying Events; and
  2. To have been examined and cleared to box by a physician, acting under the responsibility of their respective NOCs and NFs, before each Boxing Qualifying Event and the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 as per the medical requirements.

Under this joint responsibility, all NOCs and NFs will have the right to enter any athlete/s that fully complies with the qualification eligibility criteria, including professional boxers.

Sports Entries Process

NOCs are encouraged to work with their respective National Boxing Federations (NF) with regards to the Olympic qualification events and the Tokyo 2020 boxing tournament. All qualification events require both the NF and NOC to confirm the entry of the athlete and their technical and medical standards. 

In the event that an NF does not recommend athletes to its respective NOC to be entered into the qualification events and/or the Games themselves, the NOC is empowered to enter their athletes without the recommendation of the NF.

Event Regulations

The Olympic Boxing Task Force is currently developing the ‘Olympic Boxing Task Force – Event Regulations’ for the qualification events and the Olympic Games. The current AIBA rules and regulations will be used as the baseline for review, aiming to minimise the impact on the athlete’s preparations.

The regulations will be published by the 14 November 2019.

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