Meet your Boxing Ambassadors

The athletes’ voice is central to the Olympic Movement. The IOC Boxing Task Force (BTF) is therefore pleased to announce the creation of the Athlete Ambassadors Group to engage with and represent boxers, and promote the athletes’ voice within boxing.

The Athlete Ambassadors will promote the athletes’ voice by engaging with the athletes face-to-face at competition sites as well as through digital channels on issues that are most prevalent within the boxing community. They will also provide input and feedback to the BTF in the build-up to the Games.

The primary roles of the Athlete Ambassadors are to:

  • Represent the athlete voice in IOC Boxing Task Force planning
  • 通过数字化社交媒体直接与拳手互动
  • Promote a sustained athletes’ voice and representation in boxing

The Athlete Ambassadors Group is composed of boxers – one man and one woman – from each of the five regions, providing gender balance and global representation.

 “这是一个非常特别的机会,我们可以巩固和提升运动员的话语权并之互动 - 无论在2020年东京奥运会期间,还是奥运会后对这项运动做出持续改变,”奥运会拳击特别小组主席渡边守成如是说。“拳手们在这项运动中的话语权理应提高。我们期待着聆听他们的声音和观点,从而确保拳击成为一项刺激精彩的运动,在最诚信的环境下繁荣发展。”

Here are your Athlete Ambassadors:


LAWAL, Lukmon (Nigeria)
MARDI, Khadija (Morocco)


LA CRUZ PERAZA, Julio Cesar (Cuba)
MAYER, Mikaela (USA)


HU, Jianguan (China)
KOM, Mary (India)


LOMACHENKO, Vasyl (Ukraine)
OURAHMOUNE, Sarah (France)


NYIKA, David (New Zealand)
WATTS, Shelley (Australia)

For further information about the ten ambassadors head to the Olympic Boxing Athlete Ambassadors on Athlete365.

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